Our outreach is active in four main ways.


1. Outreach to the Public - Sharing information about the work of the Center and other important Amazon themes.  Our main ways of doing this are through this website, our newsletter Amazon Connections, Amazon Blogs (Reports from the Field) , and presentations to the public.  See more details in our Education and Outreach section.  Please contact us if you would like to contribute an article to our newsletter or website or schedule a presentation from a Center speaker.

2. Outreach to Volunteers - The Center depends on many volunteers to do its work.  If you can share some of your time with us at our office, from your home or in the field, please see our Volunteer page.

3. Outreach to Media - One important way to publicize the work of the Center and educate the public about key Amazon issues is through various print, broadcasting and electronic media outlets.  The Center will send out periodic press releases and special reports and is available to provide comments, photos and contact information to media outlets.  People or work of the Center can be seen in Center in the News.

4. Outreach to Donors - The Center could not do its work without financial support.  We need help from individual donors, companies, and foundations.  If you can contribute funds or equipment to the Center, please see our Donate page.